Aconite– A flower whose roots, foliage and seeds can be poisonous.

Apple – The seeds of an apple can be poisonous to pets.

Arrowgrasses – Marsh type plants, the leaves contain poisons.

Atropa Belladonna – Garden herb, the entire plant can be poisonous to pets, especially its seeds and roots.

Autumn Crocus– Common garden flower, the entire plant can be poisonous.

Azalea – The toxins in azalea’s can be very severe, it can cause drooling, diarrhea, vomiting,

central nervous system weakening, depression and in some cases coma or death.

Baneberry – Wildflower, the berries and roots are poisonous.

Bird of Paradise– Garden flower, pods are poisonous.

Black Locust– Tree, the entire plant can be poisonous, the bark and shoots are very poisonous.

Bloodroot – Wildflower and herb, the stem and roots are the most poisonous but the entire plant is toxic.

Box – Ornamental shrub, the whole shrub is poisonous but the leaves are the most poisonous.

Buckeye – Is a Tree, the sprouts, nuts and seeds are poisonous.

Buttercup – Wildflower and garden herb that is poisonous but most of the poison is in the leaves.

Caladium– Houseplant, the whole plant is poisonous.

Carolina Jessamine – Ornamental plant, the flowers and leaves are poisonous.

Castor Bean – This plant can cause abdominal pain, drooling, diarrhea, vomiting increased thirst,

loss of appetite, weakness, dehydration, tremors, seizures, twitching muscles, coma and death.

Chinaberry Tree – A tree, the berries are poisonous.

Chockcherries– Wild shrub, the leaves, cherries and pit are poisonous.

Christmas Rose – Garden flower, the leaves and rootstock are toxic.

Common Privet – Ornamental shrub, the leaves and berries can be toxic.

Corn Cockle– Wildflower and weed, the seeds are very poisonous.

Cowbane – Wildflower and herb, the whole plant is poisonous especially the roots.

Cow Cockle – Wildflower and weed, the seeds are toxic.

Cowslip– Wildflower and herb, the entire plant is toxic but the leaves and stem are more poisonous.

Cyclamen – The most poisonous part of this plant is in the root. Eating this plant can cause severe vomiting,

gastrointestinal irritation and inn some cases death has occurred.

Daffodil– Garden flower, the bulbs are poisonous.

Daphne – Ornamental shrub, it has poisonous bark, berries and leaves.

Death Camas – Field herb, the toxic parts include the leaves, stems, seeds and flowers.

Delphinium – Wildflower,the whole flower is poisonous especially the sprouts.

Dumbcane – Houseplant, the whole plant is poisonous.

Dutchman’s Breeches – Wild and garden flower, the roots and foliage are toxic.

Elderberry – Tree, the leaves, bark, roots and buds are poisonous.

Elephant’s Ear – Houseplant, theentire plant is poisonous.

English Ivy – Ornamental vine, the entire plant is poisonous, especially the leaves and berries.

European Bittersweet – Vine, the entire plant is poisonous especially the berries.

False Flax – Wild herb, the seeds are poisonous.

False Hellebore – Ornamental flower, the roots, leaves and seeds are toxic.

Fan Weed – Wildflower and herb, the seeds are poisonous.

Field Peppergrass – Wildflower and herb, the seeds are toxic.

Flax – Wildflower and herb, these seedpods contain toxins.

Foxglove – Wild and garden flower, theleaves are poisonous.

Holly – Shrub, contains poisonous berries.

Horsechestnut – Tree, has poisonous nuts and sprouts.

Horse Nettle – Wildflower and herb, the entire plant is poisonous especially the berries.

Hyacinth– Wild and houseplant, the bulbs are poisonous.

Iris– Wild and garden flower, the leaves and roots are toxic.

Jack-in-the-Pulpit – Wildflower, the entire plant is poisonous, especially the leaves and roots.

Jatropha– Tree and shrub, the seeds are poisonous.

Jerusalem Cherry– Ornamental plant, the un-ripened fruit and foliage are poisonous.

Jimsonweed – Field plant, the entire plant is poisonous, especially the seeds.

Kalanchoe – Eating this plant can cause gastrointestinal irritation and cardiac rhythm and rate problems.

Laburum– Ornamental plant, the seeds, pods and flowers can be toxic.

Lantana– Houseplant, the foliage is poisonous.

Larkspur – Wildflower,is poisonous only as a juvenile plant.

Laurels – Type of shrub, the leaves are poisonous.

Lilies – All lily plants are very poisonous to cats.

Even very small amounts of this plant could cause serious kidney damage and death.

Lupines – Shrub, seeds and pods are toxic.

Manchineel Tree – Tree, has poisonous sap and fruit.

Marijuana – Your Pets can suffer serious consequences such as diarrhea, vomiting,

increased heart rate, drooling, in-coordination, possibly seizures and coma.

Matrimony Vine – Ornamental vine, poisonous leaves and shoots.

Mayapple – Wildflower,  the un-ripened fruit, foliage and roots are toxic.

Milk Vetch – Wildflower, the entire plant is toxic.

Mistletoe – Houseplant, the berries are poisonous.

Monkshood – Wildflower, the entire plant is poisonous, especially the roots and seeds.

Moodseed– Vine, the fruit and roots are toxic.

Morning Glory – Wildflower, has poisonous seeds and roots.

Mountain Mahogany – Shrub, the leaves are poisonous.

Mustards– Wildflower, the seeds can be toxic.

Narcissus – Garden flower, these bulbs contain poisons.

Nicotiana – Garden flower, the leaves are poisonous.

Nightshade – Wildflower and vine, has toxic leaves and berries.

Oaks – Trees, leaves and shoots are poisonous.

Oleander – The whole plant is poisonous and can cause gastrointestinal irritation,

hypothermia, heart problems and death.

Philodendrons – Houseplant, the entire plant is toxic.

Pokeweed – Field plant, has poisonous roots, seeds and berries.

Poinsettia – Houseplant, has poisonous leaves, flowers and stems.

Poison Hemlock – Field plant, has poisonous leaves, stems and fruit.

Potato– Garden plant, the shoots and sprouts can be poisonous.

Rattle Box – Wildflower, the entire plant is poisonous.

Rhododendron – Ornamental shrub, these leaves are poisonous.

Rhubarb – Garden plant, has poisonous leaves.

Rosary Pea– Houseplant, the seeds are poisonous.

Sago Palm – The seeds and nuts of are the most poisonous but the entire plant is toxic.

Pets ingesting even just parts of this plant may suffer from diarrhea, vomiting, depression, seizures and liver failure.

Skunk Cabbage – Marsh plant, this entire plant is poisonous, especially the roots and leaves.

Smart Weeds – Wildflower, has poisonous sap.

Snow-on-the-Mountain– Wildflower, has poisonous sap.

Sorghum – Type of grass, the leaves are poisonous.

Star of Bethlehem– Wildflower, the entire plant is toxic.

Tulips – The toxic part of this plant is the bulb, the bulb can cause drooling,

central nervous system depression, gastrointestinal irritation, cardiac issues and convulsions.

Velvet Grass – Type of grass, the leaves are poisonous.

Wild Black Cherry – Tree, that has poisonous leaves and pits.

Wild Radish – Wildflower, has toxic seeds.

Wisteria – Ornamental plant, contains seeds and pods that are poisonous.

Woody Aster – Wildflower, this entire plant is poisonous.

Yellow Jessamine – Ornamental vine, the whole plant is poisonous.

Yellow Pine Flax – Wildflower, the whole plant is poisonous, especially the seedpods.

Yew – This plant can affect the nervous system and cause in-coordination, trembling,

breathing difficulties, gastrointestinal irritation, cardiac failure and death.