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Elvia LeClair

Swanzey, NH


[email protected]

         Ragdoll Breeder Pattern Chart

It is Recommended to breed all Bi-Colors back to a Colorpoint for the Breeder to know whether they are a True Bi-Color, a High Mitted Bi-Color, a Mid High White Bi-Color or a High White Bi-Color (their genotype).

Ragdoll Color Chart

Ragdoll Colour Chart

This Color Chart is for

Seal Ragdolls, Blue Ragdolls,

Chocolate Ragdolls and Lilac Ragdolls

If you are looking for a Ragdoll to add to your Home,

Please feel free to check out my Available Ragdoll Kitten’s Page!

The main questions I am asked are;

*What do I get when I cross a Chocolate Ragdoll with a Traditional Ragdoll-

Whenever you cross a Chocolate Ragdoll or a Lilac Ragdoll to a Ragdoll that is not Chocolate or Lilac and does not carry Chocolate, 100% (all) of your Kittens will carry Chocolate

*How can I make sure that all my Ragdoll Kittens carry Dilute (blue)-

If one of the Ragdoll parents is Blue then all the kittens will carry Dilute (blue)

Original Lines means; What percentage of each Ragdoll Cat can be traced back to Anne Baker’s 3 or 4 Original cats- Raggedy Ann Daddy Warbucks, Josephine, Blackie and Beauty. 100% Original Lines are different from 100% Traditional Lines, meaning a 100% Traditional is not 100% fully traceable to the 3 or 4 Orginal foundation cats but all of them are still very beautiful and needed in the Ragdoll lines.
If you find yourself asking the question, What is the difference between TICA Registered Traditional Ragdolls and TICA Registered Non-Traditional Ragdolls?

The answer is simpleSmile

Yes, they are all TICA Registered Ragdolls

The biggest differences between the two is that TICA Registered Traditional Ragdolls are born white and are Pointed Ragdolls that have a variation of Blue Eyes, The TICA Registered Non-Traditional Mink Ragdolls are born with their color and are Pointed Ragdolls that have a variation of Aqua or Blue Eyes, The Non-Traditional Pointed Sepias and the non Pointed Solids are born with their coloring and come in many colors that can have a variation of Aqua, Green, Copper or Gold Eyes depending on their color variations.

They are All Showable; TICA Registered Traditional Pointed Ragdolls with Blue Eyes can be shown for Championship Status and TICA Registered Non-Traditional Pointed Mink Ragdolls, Pointed Sepia Ragdolls and non Pointed Solid Ragdolls can be shown under New Traits.

As far as everything else they are as much alike as any human being can be, they are all born from 2 TICA Registered Ragdoll parents thus they are all RagdollsSmile

They still have the absolute wonderful personalities, the bunny soft fur and their exquisite floppy nature….. What more can we ask for from such a wonderful breed of cat that gives us so much love….