Mink Ragdolls

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This is Cinderella she is now at her new home in New York with her new mom Jessica.This beautiful girl is from Jazzelle.

This is ElviasRDBabz Cinderella, she is a beautiful Blue Mitt Mink Breeder Ragdoll that is at home with Jessica in New York. Jessica says that Cinderella has been a God sent for her young daughter that loves her very much and sleeps with her every knight.


These are three of my beautiful mink babies that live with Tamie in East Tennessee, The girl on the left is (Cinnamon) out of Zodiac and Ezzmerelda(Seal Point Mink) she is energetic, playful and when playing with others she jumps like a bunny, she is also your perfect Ragdoll when picked up calms down to get her love. The girl in the middle(Sky) is a (Blue Mitted Mink) out of Zodiac and Jazzelle and has a very relaxed personality, she loves to watch T.V. and is always just 2 steps behind you. The girl on the right is (Ember) a (Seal Point Mink) out of Zodiac and Ella, she is a hugger and kisser and a great companion who is always in your lap to watch your computer. 


This is one of my beautiful mink ragdolls below, she is out of Zodiac and Ella, she is a beautiful seal mitted mink with a cute little white Jewel on her lip. She had the most wonderful loving personality and would always find the nearest lap.

She now lives with Melissa in Virginia. Her name is Jewel.

She is a beautiful blue mitted mink at home with her new mom Karen in Massachusetts.This baby is from Jazzelle.

Mink Ragdoll Kittens are born with their coloring(lobo is the first kitten to the left at 10 days old). His mom is Jazzelle.

This is LOBO a Seal Mitted Mink Ragdoll Kitten at 8 wks living with his new dad in New Hampshire.

This is Lobo a Seal Mitted Mink Ragdoll Kitten with Diane at her house.

This is LOBO a Seal Mitted Mink Ragdoll Kitten at home with his dad Paul at 5 mths!

This is Lobo now at 11 mths old(beautiful coat).

Below is a Seal Point Mink Ragdoll Kitten-boy-BUCKI at 8 wks.(top) and a Blue Point Ragdoll Kitten-boy-WINTER at 8 wks.(bottom)!

Below is BETTY BOOPSIE a Seal Point Ragdoll Kitten and BUCKI a Seal Point Mink Ragdoll Kitten at home with their mom Rasa in Massachusetts!

Blue Mink Point Boy(Jackson)at home with Cynthia in New Hampshire. His mom is Ezzmerelda.